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Bamboo Tray with Inlays and Acrylic Resin Painted Edge to add a Keys Character.

  • 6ft Ft long Acrylic Painted "Bubba-Cudas", complete with Glass Eyes and Teeth.
  • Hand Painted Acrylic and Resin Cutting Boards. Olive Wood,Teak and Bamboo.
  • Acrylic Painted Coasters.

Approximately 52" X 17" Glass Tarpon hanging on the wall.

This Tarpon is definitely 3D, Pictures cannot really show the curves and depth of this piece.

Iridized glass, each scale is cut and Kiln Fired separately and then Kiln Fired several more times to achieve certain effects.

Hangs off the wall as if floating.


52" X 17"


Swimming against the current

Tarpon's Eye................

Here's lookin' at ya Kid...................

FYI, this Eye was kiln fired 4 times

to achieve the look I was going for.

Large Wall Jelly Fish.....

Jelly Head is approximately 18" X 18" hangs from wall as if floating.

Tentacles that hang separate are 36" long and have lots of stingers.....

For a total of approximately 54" of stinging Jelly.

All Hardware Included




Beautiful Colors......

Large Jelly Fish Panel...

This Large Jelly has been Sold......

Dichroic Rainbow Mardis Gras Glass approximately 51" long and 17" wide, this shimmering beauty will hang free style floating off your wall. All hanging hardware included.


Offered at:$2800

Oh the Jelly, lots of stinging tentacles.....



Rainbow Dichroic Glass Jellyfish .......



Placed on 12" X 26" Aluminum Panel.

Jelly Jelly.....Stings

Dichroic Glass changes color at every turn.

Flying Mahi Mahi.....

Entirely made of glass, approximately 23" long. This photo does not do this piece justice. Placed upon a 18" X 24" sheet of window glass it is meant to be placed in a window to give this jumping beauty it's best fin forward.

The colors shining through will amaze you.

Update......This piece has been placed on clear glass, Nautical Wood framed with Stainless Steel Boat Cleats for hanging. 

Offered at: $1150

Sting Ray......

Deep Steel Blue, Plum and Green and bronze Iridized Glass.


Offered at: $450

Hangs free style off the wall as if floating. Hardware included.

Approximately 18" X 20"


Crabs equal crustaceans..........

And Crabs....

Pimento Red Glass, Kiln Cooked 2 times to achieve texture and character.Notice the Crustacian?Also made in colors of Deep Marine Blues. They sit on Re-Cycled Pallet approximately 10" X 13".


Heres lookin' at ya.....

Purple Blue Hues Jelly..........



Tentacles with Color..........


And more Jellies.........

Hangs free style off the wall, hovering there, and it shimmers, shimmers, shimmers with soft pastel colors, that actually looks wet all the time. This piece is made with Mardi Gras Glass, filled with streamers and confetti. 

Offered at: $600

Deep, Rich Purple and Blue Streamers.

Hog Fish...

The last Hog I made sold, so here's another one. Placed on an Aluminum Panel.



Here's lookin' at ya.....

Sea Turtle.....

Approximately 22 inches long she is placed upon a brushed aluminum panel and surrounded by Jelly Fish Tentacles (don't they eat Jelly-Fish?) Dichroic Glass


"The Shady Palm" Art Gallery 2888 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, Fl.33050 (305) 998-4165


26" long Dichroic Glass Tentacles placed against a 

Coated Aluminum Panel.



Dichroic Glass makes this piece change colors at every turn.

Bull Dolphin.....

Recently commissioned piece, this Bull measures 39" by 17" and will hang 1" off the wall. Solid glass.

SOLD $2200

Bull Dolphin....

Approximately 22 inches long she is placed on an Aluminum Panel. Wow........



Bull Dolphin....

Yes, another Bull. Since the one above sold, I made another. 24" and really pretty! Hangs off your wall approximately 1" as if floating in air (I mean water).



Ask me about making another one.

Tequila Sunrise....

This is the "Sculpture" side of my glass work. This 18" across Glass Centerpiece will accent any Florida Keys Home. The colors are a Fire Red and Orange to capture the sun at it's hottest. The crackle glass is created inside the Kiln, and formed by me. A much sought after technique by many glass artists. This piece comes to you placed on a Black Wrought Iron stand to place this beauty on a pedastel, where it belongs.

I am looking forward to doing MANY art pieces using this technique.Look at my Vessel Sinks

Crackle Glass Centerpiece Bowl....


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