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Here's what  I've been working on



32" X 65"

Hibiscus and Vines Window



30" X 62"

Palms and Bird of Paradise Window




18" X 38"

White Egret



26" X 34"

Pink Egret Window




24"X64" each side

Double French Doors

Double French Doors off of Master Bedroom , makes the room very Romantic. Ask about a commissioned piece for your home !

Glass Does break if you fall into it. BUT it can be repaired too.

Here's a 24x36 Window Successfully Repaired. Happy Customer.

Commissioned Glass Window

Buck and the "Mile 0 Ranch"

Key West goes to the

Cabin in the Woods !

2' X 3'

Broken Mirror with Stain Glass Border

Broken Glass can be renewed.

Happy Customer has her mirror back on her wall

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